PB Global Advisors offers a wide range of services including:

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Strategic hotel deal evaluation, underwriting and buyer transaction support services.
Projected hotel investment returns are only as good as their underwriting. PB Global will provide insight through an ownership lens and strategic vision to uncover investment upside, identify risks and outline a strategy that serves to maximize value.

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Asset Management

Active oversight and strategies proven to enhance operational performance and align property management with ownership investment objectives.
Because hotels are an operating business, asset management for hotels is far more complex than for any other real estate asset class.

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Capital Planning & Investment

Strategic planning and oversight of renovation and major capital projects, balancing brand requirements and market realities with ownership investment objectives.
From property repositioning to routine capital planning, PB Global allows hotel owners to effectively plan and fund projects, balance brand requirements with ownership investment objectives, and preserve the long-term physical and financial value of their assets.

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Connecting developer investment objectives with market realities, through expert guidance on facility programming, market positioning, brand/operator selection, and more.
PB Global is well established as a hotel development advisor with a proven track record taking hotel projects from inception to opening and continuing operations.

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Optimizing hotel investment returns through strategic exit planning and seller transaction services.
PB Global has advised many clients on the disposition of single-assets and multi-property portfolios. We help owners develop exit strategies that take advantage of market timing, while optimizing investment returns.

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Owner Support Services

Enabling owners to anticipate and tackle complex issues surrounding hotel operations, management, brand, and investment strategy.
Whether tackling a complex challenge or simply providing a fresh perspective, PB Global offers a variety of services aimed at supporting owners on critical decisions and approvals, as well as identifying opportunities for operational and value enhancement.


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